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What is the value of an annual preventive maintenance and repair maintenance contract?

Professional roofing contractors, designers and manufacturers all agree that a yearly roof system inspection, including necessary wear and tear repairs, will prolong the life of your commercial or industrial building’s roof. A yearly maintenance and repair program will save your company thousands of dollars and greatly lessen the chances of a devastating roof catastrophe.

Gulf Coast Roofing Co.

Inspections are critical acts of maintenance that are necessary to prolonging the life of your commercial roof system. Golf Coast Roofing Co. actually recommends two inspections per year, with any necessary repairs made during those times. These inspections are best performed in the spring and early fall. Regular maintenance and inspections will reveal and allow for the repair of any damage or potential issues that could compromise your roof system.

Gulf Coast Roofing Co. will go the extra mile when performing a maintenance contract inspection for your facility. If a problem is due to a related trade, (e.g., masonry, windows or HVAC), we will identify the problem for you and recommend a qualified contractor if you do not have one.

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